Why Shipbird?
Shipbird uses crowdsourcing technology to connect senders with potential deliverers to provide an incredibly efficient, environmentally friendly path to a win-win scenario. If you are a sender, you get your package delivered on time—anytime—for less. If you are a deliverer (bird), you can make extra money delivering and get paid the same day!

Shipbird delivery solution

Here's a quick video explaining the Shipbird solution for small and medium businesses. Shipbird can help your company deliver packages with ease, remaining environmentally friendly while saving your company money! Thousands of birds can offer your company a turn-key distribution network with no additional overhead. See why companies are flocking to the Shipbird delivery solution.


Send a package and SAVE up to 75% on local same-day deliveries. Register now and check prices.


Be a bird and make money! Register now - takes less than 30 seconds!.

How it works
  • Step 1
    Enter when & where you will be available
  • Step 2
    Get notified about deliveries
  • Step 3
    Deliver and get paid the same day!

  • Step 1
    Enter shipment details
  • Step 2
    Submit payment
  • Step 3
    Your delivery is on the waysm !

Send a package

Need something delivered fast?

Do you head to the post office? Uh, no. While it may only cost a few dollars, the efficiency and reliability of the U.S. Postal Service is not exactly a good bet. FedEx®, UPS®, DHL® — these will all get the job done for you, but it may very well cost you an arm and a leg to get your important package or documents to their destination on time. Your choice has been between low cost, slow turnaround, and questionable reliability or quick and guaranteed delivery that puts a big dent in your wallet. Until now.

Say hello to the best of both worlds. Say hello to Shipbird.a free Shipbird account, you are connected to thousands of potential couriers. You simply login in and enter the pickup and drop-off locations for your package. Shipbird will suggest a price for completing the delivery based on location, travel and turnaround time, and if you agree, your job is posted to match up with our delivery network.process is simple. The idea is revolutionary.

Delivering custom packaging prototypes and samples is hard with clients all over the Bay Area. However, with Shipbird, we're all over the Bay Area, too, even when we're not. Shipbird drastically improves the Pakible experience by delivering same-day, at a fraction of the cost of even overnighting.
Nick KwanPakible (www.pakible.com)
Shipbird has been such a wonderful asset to my business. I can offer my clients affordable delivery rates and I feel reassured that my product is in great hands with drivers that have been properly selected for my needs. Shipbird's customer service is refreshingly wonderful and reliable.
Gabrielle FeuersingerCake Coquette (www.cakecoquette.com)
Shipbird's delivery model, API integration, and pricing structure has made them a prime business solution for growing companies.
Aaron CaddellMr. Holmes Bakehouse (www.mrholmesbakehouse.com)
Take flight with Shipbird, the newest and most effective on demand delivery service!
Paul SF bay area Bird
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Our roots are in silicon valley. but our future is everywhere.

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Who is Shipbird?

You’ll find the real people behind shipbird in the mirror.

Once upon a time, in a land we all live in, a regular Joe became a visionary when he was faced with a challenge we’ve all faced, but imagined a new way to conquer it.A loan officer in the mortgage business, he needed his broker to pick up a package on the other side of the city, but hated the thought of him having to sit in needless traffic for more than two hours. The proverbial light bulb went off, and Shipbird was hatched.

Now spearheaded by a small group of experienced investors, Shipbird is poised to finally fill a void in the marketplace. Local shipping options available 24 hours a day with an ultra fast turnaround for reasonable prices—without putting any more cars on the road or increasing the size of the carbon footprint. Added bonus: additional revenue stream for folks already going about their business.Ultimately, you are the “who” behind Shipbird. Join the revolution and take flight with the new way to get things delivered.